The Original Ghost Tour - Virginia's Oldest Ghost Tour

2nd Oldest Ghost Tour in the United States!

Awarded the Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor

Most popular candlelight walking ghost tour in Williamsburg, VA.

The Original Ghosts of Williamsburg

“The Original and Best Ghost Tour in Williamsburg”

Performed in a true story telling format, this 90 min walking tour is great fun for all ages and has something for your entire family to enjoy. Stroll the streets of Colonial Williamsburg and discover hidden secrets about strange and “otherworldly” experiences.

$17.00 per person – 8 PM

Had fate not intervened, it’s likely few people would’ve even heard of the sleepy little town called Yorktown. However destiny stepped in and forever etched Yorktown as a prominent place in American history, as it was here that the final Siege of Yorktown was fought, effectively putting an end to the American Revolution.Now more than 230 years after the battle, locals still hear the echo of musket shots in the night, cannons fire with such force that they shake their houses and spectral soldiers can be seen walking across the battlefields. It appears that the town’s inhabitants do not rest easy.

$17.00 per person – 8 PM

The Haunted River Cruise of Jamestown Island

The Historic Triangle is considered to be one of the most haunted areas in the United States, and it all starts with the English Settlement at Jamestown in 1607. Come hear the many stories of strange occurrences and spirits that still haunt America’s oldest permanent English settlement!

$28.00 per person – open July-Oct 31st

Extreme Ghost Tour

Want to use real ghost hunting equipment in one of America’s oldest and most historic towns?  Our ghost guides will lead you on this 3 hour candlelight walking tour to the most haunted houses and locations in Colonial Williamsburg. You will hear the true stories and local legends passed down through the years about actual residents and visitors that lived and died in these houses and walked these streets so many years ago. Many people believe that the spirits of this town do not rest easy and they continue to walk the streets and inhabit the houses of Colonial Williamsburg today. Just us today on Williamsburg Original Ghost Hunting Tour.

$22.99 per person – 9:30 PM- Tour opens this June.

In the meantime join our Beyond The Shadows of Williamsburg Tour for your ghost hunting needs

What lies beyond the shadows of Williamsburg? That’s one question that we intend on trying to answer. Our seasoned shadow guides will lead you on a TWO hour candlelight tour of Colonial Williamsburg in which they will take you to some of the most haunted locations available. You can try your hand at speaking with the spirits directly using our Psb7 spirit box, where they will manipulate radio frequencies to speak with you in real time. Is that too much for you? Then why not use our dowsing rods to feel the spirits energy for yourself as they answer your yes/no questions. There’s always the EMF (K2) meter that will pick up any electromagnetic field disturbances around you if a spirit should be in your company. How will you react if your meter suddenly lights up and begins to vibrate in your hand? Our seasoned shadow guides will lead you on a TWO hour candlelight tour of Colonial Williamsburg in which they will take you to some of the most haunted locations available. You’ll get to hear the legends and true stories of those residents that this old city chose to leave behind so long ago. It goes without saying-the spirits here are dying for their stories to be told. The question that remains is this- Are YOU ready to listen?

$19.00 per person – 9:15 PM-formally The Extreme Ghost of Williamsburg

Don’t be fooled by imitators! All tickets available online only.