The Murder Tour

Pub Crawl

What to expect?

  • This is a 2hr extreme murder tour, and intended for adults.
    • It is based on actual historical events, with mature and sometimes disturbing content.
  • Your ticket includes a drink $$ coupon.
    • Bar stops will have themed cocktails, which we hope you will enjoy. You may even
      need a nightcap to settle your nerves.
    • Guides have the right to discreetly ask disruptive guests under the influence of
      alcohol to leave the tour.

The Extreme Murder Tour and Pub Crawl general admission price is $25.00 per person and must be purchased in advance.  No refunds or exchanges for tickets purchased.

This tour is wheelchair accessible. Tickets for The Extreme Murder Tour are only honored for the night and time purchased! Must arrive 15 minutes prior to the time for tour. We do not send out physical tickets. You only need your last name once you purchase online.

Please leave a good phone number when purchasing tickets in case of cancellation or updates to tour information.

Price = $25

All history has a dark side. Introducing the first and only tour in Williamsburg dedicated to murder. Venture where no other history tour would dare, through an ancient city that hides a murky and disturbing past, through a nether world of malice and violent death.

Your historic homicide experience includes hops to local pubs where you can enjoy a murder-themed cocktail to steady your nerves.

The scariest tour in Williamsburg is not about ghosts. It is about murder.


1. The unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.

Killing   Extermination   Massacre   Homicide   Execution   Manslaughter   Assassination   Slaughter   Slaying   Liquidation   Butchery   “A brutal murder”




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199 South Boundary Street